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Walcott But the process by which Morris was advising Clinton allowed other people to get in the way, other people to find out about it and filter. Walcott So in effect, you were tying the two together. So it wasnt always so necessary. Lambrew People from around the country were being attracted. At the time, he worked for Jim Cooper, who is well known in health care circles too. They were always afraid that when

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they got together bad things occurred. To what would you attribute it? Riley The transition then, go ahead. Its inappropriate that we. Jennings Texas was last.

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He always succeeded in coming back. The truth is, he expected a lot of people to raise their hands, because it was his perception that despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, people are generally okay with their care. But it took on a life of its own and Im wondering if that was calculated or at one point you sort of said youre going to be running on this. In short, there was an integration of these different concepts to the overall satisfaction of both sides, because both sides heard what they wanted to hear. You have achieved the worst of both worlds. Jennings And foundation work. Jennings Im just telling you that these meetings had the feeling of history. Jennings Well, in the second term Lambrew It has to be education, right? Jennings In fact, that was a substantial initiative.

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If youve ever interviewedyou did interview him? It just illustrates how hard they were going to make it be, and our willingness, even in our weak stage, to try to get something positive done. In some of these memos, we would have to dumb them down to get through the White House clearance process, even though when they got to the President he would ask for more information. We kept on playing up the language of childrens health care, athens prostitution street falligkeit roth ira childrens health care, childrens health care. Lambrew And the transition.

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He just didnt know Washington very well or trust it, or his instincts on it, so he would talk to David Pryor a lot. I cant tell you how much that helped him with the Democrats on the Hill. So I would draft memos and try to get it to her at a reasonable hour at night, nine or ten, something like that, every night. Last night over dinner you mentioned, once the election returns were finally in, that you got immediate instructions to start doing some manipulations on the budget. Outside of that, even in 93, 94, there was sort of a semi-process, however chaotic it was.

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There was never a time where I perceived they felt shut out of the process. You had people like Bob Boorstin at the time and Ira was heavily involved. Walcott You need two people who work virtually as one. Jennings You want to talk about that, Jeanne? Jennings The President is a policy wonk relative to any other President in the history of this country, theres no question in my mind about that. They viewed her as a stargazer. Even more so than him, but they hate them both. Jennings There was an interview subsequent to the administration when he was selling his book. Lambrew This was after we actually were working all fall, though. Then it would go back through the staff secretary to a staff person.