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Today, I spoke to my pet, Charles. Removed the spent condom and unfastened her hands and feet. In and out, with a wiggling finger. It was now pea-size, hard and erect. Rachel could feel Michaels fingers move up until he reached her pussy. Rachel gasped as Michael had finally expanded the speculum, her pussy now spread wide. This minuscule fuck is subservient to my needs and atones for whatever sin committed or whatever dislike I

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have had. She wonde red what it would feel like when Michael pushed his cock into her asshole and would fuck her.

erotische story anal stretching

Within second she came, like never before, I removed the finger vibe from her pussy-parts, but her buttocks kept twitching, stomach muscles convulsing and knees buckling. She was surprised, but too surprise to react. So far so good, but now I had to make sure that we got the anal channel lubricated before I could start stretching. Her anus clung to it tightly and the suction as it pulled from her body left her feeling empty were she was previously full. Rachel felt Stephen begin to push the stirrups higher, her ass rising from the table.

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I had said my goodbyes and stated, You need to practice to cum on my command. He tightened his grip on the delicate nipple and could feel Rachels body react to the brutal pinching. Her legs were still tied tightly to the stirrups. Mistress, may I say something? She again felt the feeling of her rectum being opened, this time it was her own finger. I reached into my box of tools, found the finger vibe, attached it to my left middle finger and switched it on at medium speed.

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So, as a reward, I grabbed my wood core handle of a flogger. Aaahh, aaahhh, her breathing becoming rapid as the pain in her pussy increased. She had hoped for a delicate caress on her breasts and nipples, not the brutal pinching that she was experiencing. I have always been a woman of taste and strong men. She could feel the cool air in the room blowing inside her exposed asshole. No Mistress, uttered Charles.

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erotische story anal stretching It was already hard and erect. Her pussy sexstellungen blasen erotikmassage wolfsburg lips spread open, glistening with her pussy juices. My bitch of a slave, eating his cum while shooting straight to his mouth was such a pleasant sight. Lets spread it open and see inside.
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