The energy foundation for this course comes from reading Lola Jones's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. It's your moment-to-moment reading of your partner. Feel how good that will feel. Your love sense is the sensory communication channel that evokes the strongest emotions and responses in you. And once you know each other's favorite Love Language, Love Sense, and Love Style, also covered in this course, and do the sensitizing activities, your Feedback

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Loop will become ever more finely tuned. Tantra will enable him to tune out his own thoughts, work concerns, and preoccupations of performance, to be 100 present, to get out of his head and fully into his body, his hands, his penis, his senses. Develop a Feedback Loop to be a spectacular Tantric lover.

We suggest doing it slooooowly. Later we'll talk about how to ask verbally. Become aware of the degree to which you'd been in your head and not in your body. Feel through any feeling that arises and go for ten to fifteen minutes. Turn the hand over and touch the palm with feather lightness. Let's feel back into each other, I don't want to go on without connection." Anytime you keep letting your partner do something that does not feel good to you, you are training your partner to do things that don't work. It's being fully present, not in your head or fantasies, but in your body. Thank God I'm not travelling collective by bus.

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Let him be uncomfortable! If you go along with it now just to selbstbefriedigung stellung scheiden tatoo be pleasing to HIM, you will be sorry later, because he will keep doing. We can barely feel ourselves. Quality Time - time for just the two of you to do things you both enjoy together. Slowly move his hands where you want them, or show him how to touch you. Close your tantra more liebeskugeln und sex eyes and go within, keeping your awareness inside yourself, but include your partner in your awareness. Best of all: the more often you do this, the more you begin omas geile pornos junge nackte schlampen to associate that pleasure with your partner. The receiver doesn't do anything back to the giver. Tantra is being completely present in the body (you'll find out by contrast how present you were or were not before.) Tantra is not working on your sex life, yourself, your relationship, or your sexual issues, but it does resolve sexual issues and hurts, expand. If he doesn't want to win you, you don't want him. He continues to adapt to her responses and continues to build the connection. There's blissful energy and connection rather than just bodies rubbing together.

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  • Sex : Die 68 bringt Frauen auf ihre Kosten.
  • Die 69 gilt als eine.
  • Tantric sex expands your ecstasy, opens your heart, nourishes your spirit, fulfills, and thrills you beyond imagining.
  • It bonds you and your lover ever more deeply.
  • Ayurveda Massage is thought to be one of the oldest and most practiced forms.

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Womens Bodies, Womens Wisdom. This activity helps you focus, slow down and get comfortable being truly intimate. He never knew he'd like this either. It's not work, it's play and pleasure. Trying to sustain that heat long term has obvious downsides. Vary it of course. Softening the lips is one of the great keys to good kissing. Or she may like all kinds of touch alternating back and forth for contrast. Gender For ease, we will always speak as if the couple is a man and a woman, but we are very clear that gender preferences and roles abound with endless variety, and we leave the translation to you as to who is playing what role. You can begin to see how this could be a source of disconnection.

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Sex becomes a profound and satisfying deep meditation. Don't get into a kissing routine or pattern. There is a "sensation fatigue" threshhold that's different for each person. As in meditation, when your thoughts wander, gently guide your attention back to your partner and the magic of the moment at hand. It's a pleasurable way of BEing. It could take you years to fully enjoy and master this course's many resources. For most people it requires increasing novelty, stimulation, mental activity, fantasy, or even new partners to prevent boredom. Smell - the olfactory sense. We constanlty hear that singles attracted more sensual partners as they became more tuned into their own body, senses, and increased their own connection and sensitivity. The intensity level and explicitness of this Tantric retreat increases gradually after we build an easy foundation.